In the making of a cup of coffee

(Or, how to mix coffee and mobilephotography)

It is cold and rainy outside the window. Not at all ‘spring-like’ even though the calendar states April 17th.

The only way, for me, to counter a creeping winter mood would be a good cup of coffee. And then why not picture the process on my mobilephone, and put some pictures on my website?

A setup on the dining table. A mix of daylight and a spot, supported by a diffusescreen. A wooden tray, and most of the shots made handheld.

All pics processed in Snapseed.

Have a nice cup of coffee :o)

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At the MOMU

One day I went to Moesgaard Museum (MOMU) near Århus, Denmark.
The museum focuses on Danish ancient history, and there is to be found a mix of realistic museumfigures amongst bones and The Grauballe Man, the most exceptionally preserved bog body in the world.

Below here are som pictures from the visit.

Rest in peace…On display…

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Flower portraits on mobile device

I am kind of fascinated by the whole thing about still-life photography. When thinking still-life in a photographic sense, one might picture a studio with a lot of lights and flashes, and a big camera on a tripod. Hmmm… A dream scenario I admit. But less is reality for me. My livingroom, a dinnertable, a couple of photolamp-stands, a couple of reading-lamps atached to the stands, a diffuser/reflector set, and various cardboard in black and white. Add to that a smartphone and a Gorilla tripod, and I am set to go.

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The Alien in the wall

Sometimes patterns just look like something from a fantasy, a dream, a movie or whatever. Some days ago i passed by a concrete wall and this grabbed my attention.
An alien. Marked in the concrete.