My Ibanez

In trying to incorporate the feel of a guitar in a single picture, I came up with this. 

I wanted the colourfull rosette around the soundhole to standout, so I made the rest black and white, with a touch of sepia look.

I have experimented with some HDR rendering, in an attempt to make the monochrome more defined. Have also tried to give it some punch with some dodging and burning.

All in all I think the result is satisfying.

The flower bowl and the wine glas

One morning I stumbled upon this scenery. A flower bowl next to a restaurant, with a forgotten, or maybe carelessly thrown away, wine glass. I don’t know what is the story and it might not matter much.

But in the moment there was something symbolic in the different fragility of both the flowers and the glass. As well as the contrast between the hard and crystal-clear glass, and the soft but colourfull flowers. I hope I got it all in the picture.

Graffiti-windows in Verona

Walking around in the centre of Verona, I was passing by som windows that were scattered with grafitti and stickers. I tried to see them as pictures. Maybe even as pieces of art in their own right. 

You never know what appears in Your view when strolling around. Motives are dependant of the eyes that sees. What seems to be nothing at girst glance, suddenly live it’s own life and appears as something worth photographing.

Yeah, and in there You can see a mild, ghostly view of the photographer. But it is not signifcant in any way.

The pictures are to be found in slightly lager size, in the Mobileography gallery.


At the MOMU

One day I went to Moesgaard Museum (MOMU) near Århus, Denmark.
The museum focuses on Danish ancient history, and there is to be found a mix of realistic museumfigures amongst bones and The Grauballe Man, the most exceptionally preserved bog body in the world.

Below here are som pictures from the visit.

Rest in peace…On display…

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