ICM – First attempt

I don’t remember when I came across this concept for the first time. ICM – Intentional Camera Movement.

Trying to figure out what it is all about, eventually led me to try it out myself.

Initially I had this feeling, that it was kind of a fancy thing. Something that was easy to do and had a ‘fine art’ label upon it as a concept. Even though the outcome, image-wise, as random as it might be, would look like art. Something to do to spice up the everyday photography.

I know that this is quite a statement. But I kind of thought of it like that, then. But now… After some serious searching on the internet. Looking up various guides and looking at a lot of ICM images, I have to admit that my thoughts were all wrong.

This technique, or maybe more correct to say, this approach, is really capable of producing some outstanding images, when processed from a clear vision.

I can’t say that my first attempt was easy. In this post I show three images. That is out of 500 and something shots. I just fired away. Read in some guide that, the more shots the merrier

Now i can clearly see, that it is very dependable of a good feel for the movening part of this technique. The horisontal panning and the vertical tilting. The only two ways I made use of. Never came to do the circular Movement or other stuff.

Honestly I really need to practice this some more. To get the feel of the movement combined with knowledge about aperture and shutterspeed.

I used a polarizing filter to help bring the shutterspeeed down to abo 1/10 of a second. It was partly cloudy in the forest that day. I set the aperture to f/8 and the ISO to 100.

Images processed from RAW in Affinity Photo and spiced up with some level adjustment.

And it was really fun, and not in any way my last attempt.

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