Flower portraits in black and white – The first attempt

I recently wrote a post on flower portraits relating to mobilephotography. This time the perspective is in black and white/ monochrome. And the camera is a standalone. But the shootingsession is the same and so is the setup and lighting.

Not that there is anything special about the setup. It is more about the choice of monochrome, in order to present the the flowers in the pictures. As a first approach to this, I found it difficult to take the pictures when actually I wanted the outcome to be in monochrome.
I think normally one would think colours whe thinking of flowers.

But to abstract away from colours and into black & white or monochrome, one has to focus strongly on shapes, lights and shadows as the only tools to work with. And that is, in my opinion, what is the real challenge. That is for me the essence of monochrome photography. It is a whole different picture. And a picture with a complete different expression.

In the postprocessing there are so much one can do, to make the picture look in various ways. Contrast, hightlights, middletones, darks, texture. All the details that makes the monochrome photography, still to be a visually powerful  way of expression.